Preservation of the Nichols House Museum

With the support of grants from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and private foundations, and with the fundraising efforts of board members, the Nichols House Museum has been able to undertake several major preservation projects. These projects addressed critically needed work on the museum's historic structure. Two significant projects were completed in the past five years - the slate roof was completely replaced for the first time since 1804 when the townhouse was built and the rear utility sheds, dating to the 1850s, were stabilized and rehabilitated.

Recent Projects

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Roof Restoration - Completed 2005 - General Roofing Contractor - Gilbert & Becker

The roof restoration project for the Nichols House Museum was underwritten by the fund-raising efforts of the Board of Governors and by a generous grant from an anonymous Boston-based private foundation.

Scaffolding being erected for the slate roof project

Mount Vernon Street closed off for the delivery of slate, red copper and other building materials

Crane hauling materials to roof

Old Vermont green slate being removed from roof

Preparation for installation of slate

Installation of copper flashing and gutters

Completed installation of new Vermont green slate with red copper "pig tails"

Cleaning up after slate removal

Red copper gutter installation

Installation of slate and "pig tails"