Executive Director

The Executive Director (E.D.) is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nichols House Museum, an accredited museum by the American Alliance of Museums. Reporting to the Board of Gover-nors, the E.D. is responsible for delivering the museum’s mission, and achieving its operational and financial objectives. Working with the Board, the E.D. develops the vision, strategy and priorities of the museum. S/he plans and directs all museum activities. The E.D. is responsible for policy-making, financial management, program development, fundraising, conservation and preservation planning and implementation. The E.D. institutes professional practices at the museum. S/he represents the museum and its mission in the local, national and global community. Fundraising is a principal responsibility of the E.D. working in close collaboration with the Board and museum committees.

In addition, the E.D.:

  • Drafts policies and creates processes, works with committees, board, staff and exter-nal experts to develop and to implement strategies, including the museum’s strategic plan approved in 2017.
  • Develops public, curatorial, educational and other programs that adhere to interpre-tive guidelines and goals.
  • Works with the Finance Committee to draft and manage the budget, as approved by the Board.
  • Represents the museum to all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Oversees and approves marketing and communication strategies and programs.
  • Develops and, in concert with the Board, executes all fundraising and income generat-ing activities.
  • Cares for the collection and nineteenth century building and carries out conservation and preservation planning and implementation.
  • Hires, directs and evaluates personnel.

Candidate Qualifications and Background

A minimum of 5 -7 years of progressive leadership experience, preferably in a museum or arts related organization, demonstrating a track record of success. Past experiences should include successful fund raising and financial management skills as well as demonstrate the interper-sonal skills necessary to work closely with a committed Board of Governors and the communi-ty. We seek a team leader who coaches Museum staff and volunteers to act as a core team and juggle multiple responsibilities. A master's degree is preferred, but a bachelor's degree will be considered with additional experience.

Compensation: Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience and are competi-tive with American Alliance of Museums reviews.

Application Process: Please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@nicholshousemuseum.org and note in the subject line “Executive Director Search” by Friday, May 19. Professional references and a writing sample will be required during the inter-view process.